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lugano lake view from sighignola mount ion italian border
view of Italian and Swiss coasts of Lugano lake from Sighignola mount in Italy.The left with Mendrisio is in Switzerland, end of the lake. On right branch, is Italy with Porto Ceresio. On the Horizon the plain with Milan.

Pictures of travels is based on the Bruno Paolo Benedetti’s experience. I began as travel photographer already 35 years ago, travelling at fist all around Europe and then discovering  other amazing countries and civilisations.  So I journeyed through India, Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia,  Mexico, Cuba, Egipt, Morocco, South Africa, Comores Islands, Caribbean and more. In all those countries I tried to take images not only of the different architecture styles, but also of the way of living of the people.  The life in their temples, in the towns  and houses. The different landscapes, from the northern Europe up to the tropical sights , always with a point of view  italian style: to find the beauty in each corner of the world. In the past the Florentines were famous for searching the beauty in each think: both building a castle and a normal wall. I want to follow the way of his ancestors in each picture.

I can  also say that it was not difficult to do it with photos from Italy, as I live in a wonderful country.  For this reason I was able to make beautiful  Tuscany photos, lake of Como photos,  photos of landscapes in each season.

by Rights Managed license on photos from Italy


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